About the church

A Brief Introduction

Sunday Worship

We hold a service every Sunday at 10.30am. Adults and children worship together for the first part, and we try to make the service child-friendly. Part way through the service the children leave and meet in different age groups to continue exploring the day’s theme using stories, craft, singing and discussion. We also have a crèche for preschool children, with a good supply of toys. The worship usually last about an hour, and ends with coffee (and squash for the children), which is a good time to get to know other members of the congregation.

Sunday evening is a quieter joint communion service on the Third Sunday of the month at 6.30pm. Often this takes the form of a Prayer and Praise service, in which there is a time for Bible readings and prayer.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month in the morning of the second Sunday of each month and once a month in the evening of the first Sunday. At these services, all visitors and newcomers who accept Jesus are welcome to share in the bread and wine.

Weekly events

Tuesday Open House (9.10am – 11.15am) – an opportunity for babies, toddlers and their carers to meet informally over coffee and toast. Toys are available for the children. Adults are welcome even if they don’t bring a child with them

Tuesday Faith and Fellowship Group (7.00pm – 8.30pm) –

Wednesday Fellowship Hour (2.pm – 3.45pm, fortnightly) – a time of fellowship, held alternate Wednesdays, which includes devotions, and  a speaker.

Thursday Coffee Morning (10am – noon) – an open invitation to join us for a coffee and a chat. Throughout the year there is lively conversation, a friendly environment, fresh produce, fairly traded good, a Leprosy Mission stall and bric-a-brac.

Friday Pilots – a non-uniformed organisation for children and young people aged 7 and upwards. We meet in two aged groups – school years 3 – 6 and school years 7+ between 6.00pm and 7.30pm on Friday evenings during school term-time. Cooking, Crafts and games are usually on offer, with themes related to the Christian faith.

Other events

Bible studies – takes place as announced.

Fund-raising and social events – as announced. We need to raise money to run the church, but more important are the opportunities to get together and make new friends.

Work in the Community

The church runs a community project called ‘Living Well’.  Through this project we support isolated and vulnerable people locally and across the East Riding.  We also run events and programmes that encourage interest local food and our town’s fishing industry.  To find out more, visit our Living Well website.

Other Interests

Hornsea United Reformed Church has a particular interest in a number of organisations:

We have an active Traidcraft stall, which sells produce from the third world. The produce is traded in such a way that those who grow it, who are often amongst the poorest people in the world, get a fair deal.

We are committed to supporting The Leprosy Mission, both through donations and through trading Leprosy Mission merchandise.

We believe that the church should set an example to others, and so we have a Mission Budget through which we give away a proportion of our income every year to good causes.

The church premises are used during the week by a wide range of community organisations.

The Church now has embarked on a new project titled ‘Living well‘ in which it seeks to improve the lives of isolated people in our community. We telephone a number of people each week to offer friendship and once a month invite some to a lunch during which they will be able to share experiences with people in similar situations, of living alone or in need of care.

Through the support of FLAG, the Fishermans’ Local Action Group, we have been able to redesign the kitchen and now use it to promote the use of locally caught fish, crab and lobster. this project has been titled ‘Fish on Fridays’ and takes the form of demonstrations by local businesses as to how to prepare and cook fish dishes. Specific events will be addaed to the events page.

‘Hornsea United Reformed Church seeks to live out its faith in Jesus Christ by being open and responsive to the needs of the community.’

At Hornsea United Reformed Church we try to offer a friendly place where people from all backgrounds can explore their faith in God. We also try to involve ourselves in the life of Hornsea, following the example of Jesus who made himself a servant.

We believe that both adults and children have something to offer in worship, and we enjoy the fact that we can worship and socialise together. We try to include people of all ages in our programme of events, and we make out worship as child-friendly as we can. Because we include people from all stages of live, we like to think of ourselves as a large family.

We believe it is important to show our faith in practical ways, so we try to be a caring community. We also get involved in projects to help people in nee, close to home and across the world.

We believe that it is important for people from different church traditions to work together, and we try to have good relations with the other churches in Hornsea.

We are keen to see new people becoming involved in the life of our church, and we try to be welcoming. We are open to new ideas and welcome offers of help.

We believe that God is at work in the local church, and that his Spirit guides us. Many important decisions are therefore made locally by the members of the church. We value being part of the larger family of churches, The United Reformed Church. This family of churches helps us when we need help, but also trusts us to find the best way of serving God in Hornsea.

We believe that the love and forgiveness of God are his most important qualities, and we try to treat people accordingly.

The only real way to find out what a church is like is to try it! We can assure you that if you choose to come along, we will do our best to make you feel at home.

Text adapted from the leaflet: A Brief Introduction.