August & September 2014

12th July:  Christopher Garwood and Linda Harvatt


2nd July:            Helen Greenwood
18th July:              Audrey Bayton



A very Happy Birthday to IrwIn, who will be nine on Sunday 3rd August.  We hope he has fun on his birthday..

I will be 11 on Thursday 7th August and after the holidays I’ll be moving on to the secondary school. Just before my birthday this year I am going away to Cleethorpes on a church camp thing(see page 9: Editor) which should be fun – we are going Quad biking. For my birthday I am hoping for a pet owl – a real one. My mum and dad just smile at that. But Harry Potter had one! So I am looking forward to my birthday very much.

Happy 10th birthday Sienna, on Friday 8th August.  We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun with your sister.

I will be five on Wednesday 27th August.  I am having a FROZEN party with all my friends from school   I am looking forward to going back to school to start year 1 with my new teacher.  For my birthday I want any characters from ‘Frozen’, especially’ Olaf’ the snowman.  I love swimming and am now in grade 11 class.

William will be eight on Thursday 18th September.. He enjoys football and rugby and is looking forward to going to the Hull City Tigers football training in the school summer holiday.
For his birthday, William would like to go to ‘Go Ape’ in Dalby Forest with his friends, where I’m sure he’ll get up to plenty of ‘Monkey Business.  Happy Birthday.

September is an exciting time for me, not only is my birthday on Sunday 21st, when I will be twelve, but I am moving up to secondary school as well. I spend a lot of my time (Mum says my eyes are going square!) playing computer games like Runescape, which is a fantasy action game set in medieval times.
I like playing out with my friends James and Faith especially with my football. I hope to get some good presents this year maybe some more lego (you can never have too much) or something Star Wars themed.

Evie will be 8 years old on Sunday 21st  September. Evie has lots of hobbies and interests, she likes swimming, cycling and athletics; she is very creative and loves drawing and making things; but most of all Evie loves playing in the house or garden with her two sisters.
Evie will be having a birthday party and inviting lots of her friends. She will get lots of lovely presents and probably lots of clothes, which are Evie’s other love in life.

Have a great birthday Alex, on Monday 22nd September, when you’ll be eleven.  We all send our good wishes.

I will be eleven years old on Wednesday 24th September.  I love sports, gymnastics, football and rugby. I love school (is that because I get away from my mad family !!!)  I would like anything for my birthday.

Well Done!
Congratulations to David Knapton, who has been awarded a 2.1 B.Sc   in sport from Sheffield Hallam University this summer, and also to Fran Kissack who has achieved a MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy from Leeds Metropolitan University.