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June Barton The Musical Extravaganza weekend coincided with our Strawberry Treats and proved at one point to be quite chaotic and confusing as a lot of people did not appreciate there were two events happening together. Despite this the afternoon

Doreen Rogers Saturday 4th October sees the return of Nick Nightingale and Friends to our Church to entertain on behalf of Christian Aid. We hoped to hold this event in the Spring, but their diary and our Church diary made

Dear Friends, Two months ago when I wrote I was giving you advance notice that the Elders would be ringing around during June to listen to your answers to some questions we wanted to ask.  It was not possible, of

WEDDING 12th July:  Christopher Garwood and Linda Harvatt   FUNERALS 2nd July:            Helen Greenwood 18th July:              Audrey Bayton   BIRTHDAYS IRWIN ASHMEAD A very Happy Birthday to IrwIn, who will be nine on Sunday 3rd August.  We hope he

FUNERAL 16th June:        Patricia Burrell BIRTHDAYS HARRY SEAL Happy Birthday Harry on Tuesday 1st July (we read about Harry in the June newsletter).  Hope you get the chocolatey cake! ELLIE CROSS I will be eleven years old on Sunday 27th