FRSC August and September 2014

June Barton

The Musical Extravaganza weekend coincided with our Strawberry Treats and proved at one point to be quite chaotic and confusing as a lot of people did not appreciate there were two events happening together. Despite this the afternoon in particular was thoroughly enjoyed, after all relaxing to music whilst enjoying strawberry treats must be absolute heaven. The kitchen staff, alas, could not relax resulting in several ladies and one domesticated man returning home a little frayed at the edges. Our efforts though were not in vain as we managed to raise £265.62 for church fundraising. Many thanks to all who contributed either by way of food or of music.

Have you thought seriously to my plea for more committee members? Only one person has come forward who has served on the committee before and is an extremely busy person, so her offer is really appreciated. The task is not that onerous, but the more the load is spread the easier it becomes for the small team we have to stage fundraising events. Please, please consider my plea as the alternative is no fundraising at all and then we would all be the poorer.

The Fashion Show on Friday 15 August at 7.00pm is bound to be full of fun and frolics as well as fashion, courtesy of the Lions’ shop.  Eight models will take to the stage to exhibit the ‘must have’ outfits for every season, haute couture in Hornsea but at Hornsea prices! Our compère will most likely be Steven, once his arm has been twisted, so the commentary will undoubtedly be hilarious. Tickets are £3.00 including refreshments.

The Local Produce Show is on Saturday 23 August, 10.00am – 3.00pm and will have locally grown fruit and vegetables, homemade baking, jams and preserves and anything else that is made in our local area. As this is also the Local Market Day, the Living Well Café will open for business in the hall. Admission is free so there is no excuse not to come in and see what delights are on offer.   

The next Market Day is Saturday 27 September when again the Living Well Café will be open 10.00am – 3.00pm where refreshments and light lunches can be enjoyed, along with music provided by Eileen Ashmead and probably some of her pupils on cello and piano. This event is entitled “Cello and Chat” where Eileen will be happy to answer any musical questions you may have.

Advance Notice – The Table Top Sale will be Saturday 25 October 10.00am – 3.00pm. Table hire remains at £6.00 so contact June (534039) to reserve your place.