Congratulations Jon

Jon Steel – Yorkshire Synod’s Mission Advocate for the 2022 Jubilee Challenge

Following the agreement of Synod Council in November 2021 to pursue the aims of the Jubilee 2022
challenge outlined at the Synod meeting in October 2021 Yorkshire Synod is pleased to announce
that Mr. Jon Steel will be taking on the role of Yorkshire’s Jubilee Mission Advocate. Jon is no
stranger to us in Yorkshire, having worked as one of the Children and Young People Development
practitioners up to the end of December 2021.

Jon’s role will cover the following themes:

Advocate, Affirm and Audit

be an advocate to the local church for the Synod’s missional focus

map what is already going on in our churches through an audit of effective missional activity,
and to affirm it.

Enable, Encourage, Equip

facilitate discussion across the Synod about how we understand ‘mission’, recognizing the
breadth of understanding across the churches.

assess the balance of different kinds of missional activity, for example using the 5 Marks of

Help those involved in the Synod committees and groups to reflect on how they can support
effectively the missional activity of the local church.


be a critical companion to local churches who want to explore mission more deeply.

help the Synod to find a route to future missional exploration and experimentation.

work collaboratively with the Synod Team to ensure that the Jubilee Challenge is integrated
with existing Synod initiatives and resources.

The work of the Missional Advocate will initially encourage reflection and prayer, and from that will
later encourage exploration and experimentation of new missional initiatives. Throughout 2022,
resources will be available from the Yorkshire Synod website where news and updates on this new
challenge will also be available to see.

Jon will be readily available to churches who want to explore the themes at

, on 07522 220214 or via the Synod Office
through the usual channels.

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