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How far would love go? – John 3:14-21

It goes without saying that people will go to extreme lengths for the sake of love. I’m old enough to remember the Milk Tray adverts – ‘All because the lady loves Milk Tray’. And of course, as a Proclaimers fan,

Not for the Junk Shop – Exodus 20:1-17

Many old things belong in museums.  Whilst they may still be beautiful, and may be full of interest, they no longer serve any useful purpose.  Indeed, they may need protecting from damage.  Jesus said something to this effect about some

When Devotion turns to Fire – John 2:13-22

We are nice, kind people, aren’t we? We love each other very much. We are followers of Jesus. Therefore we don’t get angry. Right? Wrong. Just because we are followers of Jesus doesn’t mean we don’t get angry. Indeed being

God & Self

Talk about ‘from the old things to the new’! When we begin this reading it is as if we were still in the Old Testament – John looking every inch the prophet of old. By the end, we are clearly

Above and beyond? Isaiah 40:21-31

  The psalmist presents us with two descriptions of God that are so natural and obvious that they seem as ‘given’. The first is the picture of a God who is above and beyond. In a world still ignorant of