Why go NUTS!

Margaret Knapton

Members from Liberation Foods recently visited Traidcraft’s Head Quarters in Gateshead to see how their products are marketed.

Liberation was set up in 2007 by Equal Exchange and Twin Trading to help small scale nut producers gain access to UK and International markets.

Liberation purchases all its nuts on Fairtrade terms from co-operatives which have the largest share – 44% of the company, and it is this ownership playing an active role in the governance of the company, that gives shareholder farmers more power within their supply chain.

Their nuts are hand picked in Malawi, Mozambique, India, Nicaragua, Peru and El Salvador by farmers who take a pride in having a say in the way Libertarian runs, sharing the profits as well as receiving a fair price for their crops.

Fairtrade premiums are paid and invested in community and agricultural projects like solar-powered electric fencing to protect crops from animals.

Visiting Traidcraft is an important part of the farmer’s development as it gives them an understanding of the whole supply chain and the expectations and demands of the customer.  This has been a huge journey for many who simply used to rely on the ‘middle men’, many of whom exploited both the remoteness of the farmers and their inability to access any other form of outlet, offering lower prices and partial payment.

Over the time that Hornsea URC has been actively supporting Fairtrade the availability of nuts has been quite unpredictable but the 3 products now in stock are of excellent quality and  reliably sourced – why not give them a try – they are Chilli & Lime Cashew, Peanuts & Roasted Corn; Oven baked Salted Cashew & Peanuts and Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Be warned they are very addictive!    Enjoy