February’s Bible Book Club – Joel

February’s Bible Book Club – Joel

The opening section of the book of Joel focuses on a plague of locusts that descends on the land and causes famine. Joel sees this as a call to repentance. The second half of the book sees God responding and promising to remove the locust plague. The book ends with a speculation about what the final day of the Lord will be like (as opposed to this temporary one): that day, Joel says, will see God’s justice fully enacted in the world. The nations who have opposed God will be punished and Israel will be blessed.

A few questions to consider: –

  • Were there any parts of the book that you particularly liked or that inspired you?

  • Were there any parts of the book that you disliked or that troubled you?

  • What did you think the book was about?

  • Joel’s vision of the future was famously picked up by Peter in Acts 2 when he declared the coming of the Holy Spirit. Why do you think he used Joel’s prophecy there? What do you think Peter was saying about what had happened when he used this prophecy?

  • Discuss hope. What does the word mean to you? Does Joel’s vision for the future fit into your understanding of hope – or would you use another word for what he was talking about?

  • Did the book leave you feeling hopeful or despairing or both? Does Joel’s message have anything to say to us today?

  • Did you read anything in the book that touched you, expanded your faith or made you think more deeply about your life and how you live it?

Come along to discuss what you have found

on WEDNESDAY 23rd @ 2.00pm

in the Hall