The Decoration Begins!

Progress Report on the Church Development 

  • Monday 25th and Tuesday26th – scaffold erected (to be completed on Thursday afternoon).
  • Wednesday 27th – decorators in – undercoating white paintwork around the windows.  Heat on to dry the paint but succeeded in drying the wooden planks on the scaffolding – walls and windows wringing wet and a very interesting odour in the church!!

Image 26-01-2016 at 17.09 File 26-01-2016 16 03 22 File 26-01-2016 16 04 31

  • Sunday 31st – Planks drying nicely.  View from above and definitely in the pink!  First coat of paint applied to front and back walls and one side wall.
  • Next progress report soon ….

2014-08-02 09.06.582014-08-02 09.07.202014-08-02 09.08.382014-08-02 09.09.56

  • Saturday 6th February – Lots of progress made this week.  Decorators finished all painting bar the areas blocked by the scaffolding.  All light shades down and washed – if anyone knows where we could source a shade as pictured – dimensions 15cm across and 8cm deep PLEASE get in touch.

2014-08-04 04.45.31 2014-08-04 04.45.42

  • Scaffolding due to come down on Monday 15th February; decorators finish off on Tuesday/Wednesday 16th/17th February and then a MEGA clean on Thursday and Friday 18th and 19th February ready for the Music Society Concert on Saturday 20th.  IF YOU HAVE ANY TIME AND ARE ABLE TO HELP – PLEASE COME WITH DUSTER/SWEEPER OR ‘UNARMED’ AS ALL WILL BE MADE MOST WELCOME!
  • Tuesday 16th February – scaffolding down (so much for the timetable!) – mammoth cleaning job to do and a bit more damage to repair!
  • Wednesday 17th February – enter the ‘Clean Team’….
  • 2014-08-19 06.29.49 2014-08-19 06.32.16
    2014-08-19 06.47.53
    On our knees again! Can you spot the one hiding? She is working – really…
    2014-08-19 08.42.58
    Had to get rid of the dust somehow!

    All carpets vacuumed, pews washed down, floorboards steam cleaned – all ready for the polishing team on Friday……

  • Friday 21st February – The church gets its ‘Seal’ of Approval!

2014-08-21 07.18.30 2014-08-21 07.18.43 2014-08-21 07.18.23

Every nook and cranny dusted and polished.

2014-08-21 07.37.12
and of course – we had to keep the dust away somehow….

2014-08-21 07.36.22

A big THANK YOU to all who have helped in the mammoth task of cleaning – what a fantastic effort – the church is now ready for Saturday’s concert and looks FAB!

  • Monday 22nd February – Out with the old….

2014-08-24 08.34.22  2014-08-24 13.19.09

  • Tuesday 23rd February – boarding today…

2014-08-25 14.32.26 2014-08-25 14.33.56

  • Wednesday 24th February – Underlay started.
  • Thursday 25th February – underlay finished – carpeting started.  Thanks to the Coffee Morning customers who ‘kept their heads down’ while it was brought in!

2014-08-28 05.10.41

  • Friday 25th February – Carpet finished and staging up for the RNLI Concert on Saturday.

2014-08-28 12.43.04 2014-08-28 12.44.09 2014-08-28 16.21.03 2014-08-29 10.42.58

  • Just a few ‘loose ends’ to tie up – which will hopefully be achieved by Sunday 20th March when you are invited to come along and share in the Palm Sunday service, which will be followed by coffee/tea and cake to celebrate the refurbishment all that may be achieved through it.

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