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It Starts Here – Luke 24:36-48

It all starts here. What a massive story Luke is telling here! It is bursting out of the pages of his Gospel! All of scripture – yes ALL of scripture, the Law, and Prophets and the Psalms – is being

Do you have Attitude?

Do you have ‘Attitude’? In today’s world the word seems to have a particular meaning. To ‘have attitude’ suggests a confrontational response to authority. The young person ‘with attitude’ is probably not co-operating as fully as they might with his

Going with the flow? – Mark 11:1-11

Jesus does seem to be ‘going with the flow’ at this point in his ministry, doesn’t he? We tend to think of this as the moment, in contrast to the later story when the crowds will call for his crucifixion,

Glorious Victory – John 12:20-33

The Greeks who come to see Jesus have a bit of a language problem because they don’t speak Aramaic – Jesus’ first language.  This is probably why they need to make an approach through the more linguistically flexible Philip.  Translation

A Time for Giving – Ephesians 2:1-10

Gift-giving can lose its meaning. It can become a mere formality. It can become a tit-for-tat exchange. It can become a competition to outdo one another. But we all know that 1) gift-giving is a natural part of life and